We take care of such projects as: technical, legal, manuals, user manuals, financial, commercial, literary, sport, tourism, online help, user interface, press releases, marketing presentations and websites.

We are your partner of choice for a simple translation or for the complete management of a turn-key project. 
Our services include the linguistic heart of the project as well as its overall management, the engineering and quality control.
We have developed a strict methodology for a perfect translation quality within deadline and budget.


We translate to and from Bulgarian and the All European Languages.

We offer:

Simultaneous interpretation for:

Congresses, symposia, conferences and international meetings, business meetings, General Meetings, press conferences, multilingual meetings, consumer meetings.

Consecutive liaison interpretation for:

Commercial negotiations, factory visits, individual or collective receptions with your foreign partners, technical training courses, fairs, exhibitions, small meetings, working meetings, negotiation assistance.


For more information, please contact us at: booking@journeygroup.bg


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