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In today’s fast moving world, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves, so that we can better cope with the pressures and the strains of daily living. We need to take care of our bodies, but it is also essential to achieve and maintain a balance of mind and soul. We believe that there is a powerful need to rediscover our natural balance in SPA experiences: through the healing power of thermal and seawater, spectacular locations, favorable climate, well preserved environment, modern or traditional therapies, herbs, etc. 


“Sano Per Aqua” or “Health through  Water” is clearly part of the 21st century lifestyle. We are well aware, that taking care of the body by using SPA extensive methods and philosophy is not just a new industrial product offered to public. We intend to develop and implement a diversified and comprehensive SPA collection of products and procedures which focus on relaxing, recovery, recreation, fitness, threatments and beauty both of body and soul.

  • More than 500 thermal springs only in Bulgaria
  • Variety, abundance, unique chemical composition, high medically-proved healing effect
  • Favorable and unique combination of climate, thermal waters, seawater, curative mud
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Modern or traditional therapies and programs

Journey Group offers SPA programs in the spa-resorts of Velingrad, Hissarya and Sandanskiq as well as in the seaside resort of St.St. Constantine and Helena and Pomorie.

THE SPA OF VELINGRAD – situated in the most attractive part of the Rodopi mountains, spa tourism is the major business sector in this resort town with 53 hotel and other accommodation establishments. Mineral waters combine the best characteristics of the mineral waters of Hissarya, Narechen and Banya. Best for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and disturbances of the peripheral nervous system.


THE SPA OF HISSARYA – situated at an altitude of 300 m with a temperate continental climate. The water of the 22 thermal springs is slightly mineralized and its temperatures range from 270 C to 510 C. Best for the treatment of kidney, liver, gall bladder and stomach diseases.



THE SPA OF SANDANSKI – located at an altitude of 224 m in the south of the country. Dry and warkm climate with thermal waters. Best for the treatmentof chronic non-specific and allergic conditions of the upper and lower respiratory tract and lungs and other chronic non-specific pulmonary diseases.


The resort of St.St. CONSTANTINE AND HELENA offers a favorable combination of warm sea climate and thermal mineral waters, enabling the resort to function all year round. Best for the treatment of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular diseases and disturbances of the metabolism. In addition to classical forms of climatic cures and spa treatment, prophylactic holiday programs are also available.


POMORIE – best for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory conditions of the joints: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, post-fracture states, disturbances of the peripheral nervous systenn, disturbances of the reproductive system: chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitalis, sterility, etc.




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