Have a charming smile!

You know Bulgaria for the Black sea and its vast mountains, as a place where you can spend an unforgettable holiday – no matter if it will be an active one or just leisure. But now we would like to show you another becoming more popular side of this East European country – dental services of top quality and very reasonable prices. 
We realize that dentistry can be very expensive and many people can simply not afford to have implants or porcelain crowns. However there are places in Europe, Bulgaria being one of the very popular destinations, where you can get high quality dental services for just a small part of the price you would have to pay in your own country. We would like to offer you top quality, dental treatments in Bulgaria, which won’t cost a fortune. Whatever dental service you need: implants, teeth whitening, crown, bridges or simple filling you can do in any of the clinics we cooperate with. There you will meet skillful highly qualified dentists with years of experience, using materials as in your own country but for much less than you 
would have to pay there. 
Besides making an appointment with the dentist for your problem, we can assist you with hotel accommodation and transport services.

For more information, please contact us at: booking@journeygroup.bg


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